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The long weekend project

Steve started my project last week by putting up some posts, warratahs and wire.

He had to be very careful as under the ground we have our 75mm hydro water pipe, a septic tank and pipes plus the electric cable for the cabin.  The thing being we didn’t exactly know where they were.  So some gentle prodding, some digging and wishful thinking and it was up and the fence was started and ready for me to fill it in with manuka.  our property is full of manuka and it is annoyingly growing through our fences, gates and in the middle of grazinng paddocks where we don’t want it to grow.  so lets use it where we can.
 We started cutting it down and filling the trailer with as much as we could handle and could do in a few hours.  It takes a heck of a lot to fill a small amount.  Steve started it with me and then left me to it.  Manuka has such a lovely scent and I thoroughly enjoyed getting my hands in amongst it, very therapeutic and aromatic all at once.  That first trailer only did a corner, but by the end of that I had done enough for that part of the day and we needed to cut more, so i called it a day.
Weaving the branches through four wires, one bunch upright and the other bunch upside down to ensure an even coverage and no real gaps, then trimming the top and the bottom to make it look semi neat, but not unnatural.  It is nice whilst it s green and fresh, but I wonder how it will look when it dies and dries?  I think it will still look and smell attractive.

We came back again in the afternoon with another trailer of good lengths and started back at it.  This time I went around the corner so that I could get a glimpse of how it would come together as a total fence.  Oh my how good does this look now?  Starting to take shape and give us an idea as to whether it will work.  A bit late I know, but we are pretty sure it will do exactly what we want it to.  That was it for that day, enough done, it was so hot and the sandflies were starting to get hungry and annoying.

Sunday we got to it early and cut a huge trailer full so that we could finish that side of the line, and got it nearly all done before the heat and sandflies again stopped work.  Did a little bit on Monday and have so much still to do, but are really pleased with how it all  looks.  what do you think of it?


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