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A Move to the Good Life

Steve and I moved to Nelson from central city Auckland after returning home from the UK. I was working long hours and Steve was feeling hemmed in and we both wanted something more for ourselves. We had been looking for somewhere in the Nelson area (the sunshine capital of NZ!) to run our B&B that was also close to hunting and fishing.
What really sealed the deal for us when we first saw this property was the stunning mountain views, the quiet that comes from being in the country, the absolutely gorgeous river that runs  through our land and the 100’s of acres of native bush right on our doorstep. We were just fizzing with excitement when we saw it all!

 Trading City Heels for Gumboots!

As far as living in the country goes I am totally green! Steve is from Snowdonia in North Wales so has been in the country and mountains pretty much all his life but me… well, I’m Auckland born and bred. Steve has always loved NZ, having come here as a young man to pursue his dreams of being paid to hunt deer, a deer culler he became. He lives to be in the bush, can walk uphill at speed forever, and has excellent “bush sense.” He is a great man to have with you in the wild.
I was, and still am, working in the travel industry, have travelled a fair bit and know what looks and feels great in an accommodation. I know what I like and would expect from this style of experience.
So Triple Tui became our new home and I traded my heels and dresses for gumboots and outdoor clothing.  My friends asked me, after I had moved down here, if I missed the city life? Not a bit! When we walk outside and smell the air, see the many shades of green and hear the birds, we just couldn’t imagine living anywhere more picturesque, tranquil or beautiful.  This is us to a tee!

Local and Sustainable

Why log cabins?  It has been our dream to build and live in one ourselves.  You can’t beat the feeling and warmth you get from logs, they just look warm, sturdy, safe and natural.  Mix that with a glowing log fire and you have a complete recipe for a romantic evening in.  It feels like an adventure, even if it is only an hour from the city! The logs are locally grown Douglas Fir, the floor is locally milled Silver Beech and the furniture and fittings are hand made locally by a very talented father and son team, out of Macrocarpa.  This mix sits beautifully against the landscape.
We love our life here at Triple Tui, and I know from the feedback we get from guests that  we have created something special. We’d love for you to come and experience it for yourselves.
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