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And then it was gone

In the morning it was there in all it’s glory and by sunset it was all but gone!   No not destroyed by the wind or an earthquake, unless it was named Steve!  He didn’t take much convincing to dismantle it, we had discussed it months ago and had said that over the xmas / new year break we would see it gone.

Up the ladder he went and nail by nail, sheet by sheet, post by post the car port came down.  It has been blocking our light in the lounge for over 14 years, not to mention it was ugly to look at.  When you have all that great greenery and garden to see,

why would you want to look at a carport?

            So now light floods in, we can see our gorgeous hand made door, and it looks cleaner and more like a country home,  well we think it does.  Oh and he also demolished the wood box and wall that enclosed the porch.

                                                           What a breath of fresh air and how delighted are we with how it looks now.

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    1. It is so much lighter and warmer too thanks Heather, we can’t stop looking out at the sky and trees. Now the deck needs a recoat of oil or stain!

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